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Car Rental with driver Ahad is easy and very economical with Tourism

He set out to become a portable “personal transportation assistant” for everyone, and his presentation of the transportation needs of people and institutions in the cities of Turkey to healthy AHAD tourism companies, both economically and safely, is preferred with special opportunities.


In addition to the many services that AHAD TURIZM Business offers for corporate work, AHAD TURIZM chauffeur-driven car rental service delivers specially selected, reserved vehicles to customers accompanied by professional drivers. During their journey ister daily or hourly, ister weekly or monthly journeys accompanied by chauffeur-driven vehicles at any time of the day can be requested via the app or website.


AHAD TURIZM Car Rental with driver can separate your eyes from the road

AHAD TURIZM brings you the comfort you need for business trips with specially designed luxury transportation vehicles. AHAD TURIZM car rental service, where you can travel with your friends up to 12 people, is often preferred with Driver car rental option if you wish single person.


This service is carried out by trained, experienced and rigorous drivers who feel safe all the way. Ahad TURIZM, which gives great importance to the maintenance and cleaning of the vehicles as well as the professionalism of the drivers, is preferred more and more every day with the service description that keeps customer satisfaction in the first place.


Chauffeur-driven car rental reservations can be made easily by logging into the website or via the app. With the operation panel, the car rental service can be checked over a single screen, regularly reported details such as the vehicle property, number of people, rental period and more. Selection according to the specifications the vehicles are delivered to customers with special drivers during the specified number of days. The appointed drivers are selected from among the people who are experienced in driving and are included in the AHAD tourism staff.


Reliable and Professional Driver staff

Ahad tourism is very easy to book car rental with fame. AHAD tourism web site or mobile application after the introduction of the car rental service with driver's car fleets to meet your need is sufficient model.


Models of luxury and comfortable vehicles in AHAD tourism fleet range from 2015 to 2018. All right, high comfort, clean and insured vehicles to rent as a driver for any period of time card is not sought. You can use the chauffeur-driven car rental service on an hourly or daily basis, weekly or monthly basis if you wish, depending on your needs.


If you do not have a vehicle, you can entrust yourself to AHAD TURIZM vehicles and drivers for your daily private organizations both to save time and to pass a stress-free, comfortable journey. We want to provide a comfortable and reliable transportation support for your valuable guests on special occasions such as engagements and weddings. You can use AHAD tourism vehicles for days or weeks, and by getting driver support, you can stop being a problem with transportation and address search. AHAD tourism is one of the areas where chauffeur-driven car rental support is most used.


You can also opt for AHAD tourism drivers who speak a foreign language who want to experience a comfortable transfer process after the flight path to your special subjects that you expect from abroad.


Ahad tourism privileged travel experience with chauffeur-driven car hire

AHAD TURIZM car rental service can be purchased at all hours of the day, you can benefit from this service which is safe for your emergency business which is out in the middle of the last minute. If you are not able to drive for any reason, if you do not have a driver's license, if you have an emergency job, you can start a car rental service with safra AHAD TURIZM driver later in the night and make your life easier.


You don't have to come to your rental office to get to the vehicles that request rental via the Internet or the application. Whether the car you choose is the airport or the bus station, the address of your destination comes and takes you to your destination with the support of a professional driver. On the last day of the car rental service, the private driver leaves you to the address you want to go to and puts an end to the service in this way.


The only thing that concerns you is your comfort during the time you take advantage of the chauffeur-driven car rental service. Focus on experiencing the moment as the stress and fatigue of driving in traffic lag behind. The drivers who will be a professional accompanist for your long or short travels are all carefully selected from the candidates who have a forward vision, who have a minimum 5-year driver's license, who have a diction to smooth.


Besides, in case of special preference, drivers who can speak different foreign languages are included in AHAD TURIZM chauffeured car rental. Thus, it becomes possible to offer a professional transportation support to your foreign guests.


Ister Small Ister Large Car Rental Option

Car rental details-AHAD TURIZM

As with the AHAD tourism Car Rental Services website, which provides accessible and privileged access for everyone, iOS is also implemented in a very practical way through Android mobile applications. Through a user-friendly application, you can specify how long, how many people, what model vehicle you want to hire.


Apart from these, all the details can be easily selected and your rental request is created thanks to the user friendly interface. Airport transfers, in-city or out-of-town short route preferences and AHAD tourism chauffeur-driven car rental service Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Muğla, Antalya, Kayseri, Adana, mainly serves all of Turkey.


Among the most preferred car models in the AHAD tourism chauffeur-driven car rental service are Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Sprinter vehicles. Preferred by number of people and need these vehicles Mercedes Vito'da want Core family with up to 6 people you can travel with groups of friends.


The vehicle, which meets every need expected from a comfortable trip, is cutting off your shoes with high quality standards of service safety. Mercedes Sprinter minibus type vehicles are the right choice for your crowded group of friends, which can take up to 12 people, or for your guests who want to provide transportation support on special days and invitations. Mercedes vans can take their luggage and belongings with our guests, promising an unforgettable journey for City and out-of-town transfers.


AHAD tourism Business with an economic infrastructure specific to institutions

AHAD TURIZM car rental also offers a practical and secure business model with exclusive price models, finance and Management screens, reporting, integrated options specific to companies, 24/7 support services developed specifically for companies with AHAD TURIZM Business support. Ahad TURIZM Business, which makes café-based rather than regional-based death for institutions, is also preferred in the business world, with contracted institutions reducing transfer costs by up to 30 per cent. AHAD tourism Business service provides transportation in 9 cities including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Muğla, Antalya, Samsun, Trabzon, Kayseri and Adana.


If you want to enjoy the back seat rather than thinking about the road, you are one click away from the expert staff of the Affordable Car Rental service of Sabad Turizm. The tools you can identify according to your needs come up to your door no matter where you are and in the same way, leaving you where you want to end the service.


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